“7 dishes”

SUN 11 NOV 2018
H 13:30 – Casa Caria

A culinary journey of 7 dishes made with local ingredients, prepared by the chef Alessandro Piras, sseven dishes that tell of a territory where saffron is the star.

  • Eggplant cake with melted saffron pecorino cheese, tomato and carasau bread.
  • Pan fried bowel flavoured with thyme, roasted pumpkin and wild chard.
  • Chickpeas stewed with fennel, saffron, crispy smoked sausage and civraxiu croutons.
  • Civraxiu bread slices with white cabbage, casizolu cheese, Sardinian bacon and saffron.
  • Maccarrones de punzu pasta with white ragù, pumpkin and smoked ricotta cheese.
  • Boiled Sardinian succulent pig flavoured with myrtle and thistle flavoured, served cold.
  • Pumpkin tart with saffron liquor, goat cheese yoghurt and pomegranate.
  • Red wine IGTCantina Lilliu.
  • Water

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